Who do you ask for criticism?

Photo Credit: Unsplash

This is more of a confession to myself than anyone else, but I’ve been actively seeking out criticism.

Wanting to know where you’re going wrong in other people’s eyes isn’t necessarily masochistic, although nobody can deny it doesn’t feel good. So who do you prefer to hear it from?

Someone you know, love and trust?

Or a complete stranger?

By criticism, I’m generally talking about the constructive stuff but there’s an art to getting the occasional 'this thing is rubbish ' comment to make you evaluate the why.

With those closest to you, there’s always an underlying understanding of what you are trying to do and who you are as a person, meaning they’ll — usually — take your feelings into account. But this can also be detrimental, they might not always give you the blunt honesty you deserve/ crave.

The strangers on the other hand, they have no idea who you are and judge you solely on the piece of work you have submitted. It’s pot luck whether they like it or not.

Whoever offers you feedback, it’s usually subjective. But asking for criticism is a work in progress. Not only is it helping me to become a better person, but it helps us face the fact that not everybody is going to like your work. This in turn builds the confidence you need to choose between useful and lost-cause feedback.

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