What I learnt after writing a Medium post every day for 2 months

This is my 60th post for 100 Naked Words, meaning that I have posted here for 2 months! After starting this blog/writing thing, I have read way more blog posts from other blogs than everyone should in two months. I have also found out that I can devote just a little time every day on writing.

Here are some thoughts I have on writing stories every day:

Writing every day is possible.

A year ago, if someone told me I am going to write every day and ended up with writing 60 articles, I would probably smile at the person and call the police. The publication made me realise writing every day is possible.

Knowing that more people will read my things is an effective motivation. It pushes you to write more and look for ways to write better.

But here’s the catch: you may not write things you are satisfied with.

My goal is to write something that I would have read. Writing every day does not produce stories like that.

When I joined the publication, I had plans for some of the articles I would write/messages that I want more people to know. For those articles, I would have known what I need to talk about, and I even made the header photos myself (impressive for a person who use Microsoft Paint for poster design).

But I only had ten ideas like these in the beginning, and all of them are just ideas with one key sentences instead of outlines for a stories. So many of these stories end up having a good beginning and so-so ending.

To write a post that I myself would like to read, I would need to figure out an interesting main theme and make outlines. Some of the everyday posts become streams of consciousness, or, in other words, me yelling about my mortal despair over my mundane life in the void of the Internet. Nobody reads streams of consciousness.

And to write about interesting things, you need to experience interesting things. This brought us to our next point:

It forces you to experience new things.

So that you have something to write about at the end of the day. If I don’t read or participate in anything interesting that day, what I write will be very boring. Sometimes, interesting things happened, but then I would be studying for my exams and papers instead of writing about them.

Everyday life bores readers to the bone. But it is my life: I binge watch TV shows, I play a boring mobile game, I watched all 300 videos in the important video playlist because these are things that people do.

So to be interesting, you must actively seek interesting things to do, to watch, to read, to learn about.

I will definitely write the remaining 40 stories every day for 100 Naked Words, but after that I might probably only write funny and interesting things every week or so.

Thank goodness I did not actually publish a ton of things from my draft

Whenever I have a Medium story idea, I open the app and write the idea down with a Medium draft. I ended up opening up 100 drafts with just titles. Looking back, they are all inappropriate and funny as shit. I am going to publish a story about those stories, so make sure you follow me.


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