Jesper Markward Olsen

The Wild Pink of Your Heart

Why did the wild pink break?

You know that tender spot deep inside your heart that holds an elegant longing for everything. How did it come to be subdued by the mind, tamed like a wild horse being domesticated?

For your heart is the mare of desire that gallops the landscape of living. She is the one that runs deep from the roots, the one that knows the etymology of desire is “star” or “of the light.” She breathes the hot steam of uncontainable from her ventricles and promises to pound a continuous thirst for freedom.

She is not meant for taming or the weight of men on her back.

Perhaps she is not broken.

Perhaps that tender foal of longing just keeps bearing in on herself so what she knows and carries can never ever be limited by even the most skilled of whisperers.

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