The Hot Sun of Creativity Burning Inside You

Shall I just keep to fun and stay on the run from anything too serious of the mind? It cramps me up like poop stuck in the loop of my bowels when I get lost in chronic thinking. Can I say that or will I shame the part of myself that speaks of such vulgar things?

I simply want to find my way through the fray of whatever it is that wants to arrive on the page. It’s not me, I suppose, because everyone knows that when you get out of your own way something miraculous happens.

Even if it is something as simple as not stopping yourself while singing because you hear the bells of heaven ringing while riding the 405 bus home. Or when you stop to fuss with the whine of a baby whose face smiles like a daisy when you lean in close to see her.

Don’t think I’m crazy, you know you’ve done it too — in some kind of fashion, you’ve forgotten yourself to libatious abandon and done something that doesn’t at all seem like “you.” So go ahead and just keep going and allow all of it to come. There’s nowhere to run but into the hot sun of creativity burning and churning inside you.

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