The Butterfly Effect

My head is always in the clouds, entertaining myself by making up stories in my mind. When I’m on my way to somewhere, my mind often drift off reality — hoping I go back to reality in time, but at the same time — I hope I can drift off forever, to a place far far away. To a place similair to this one, but with a slightly different storyline.
I often reflect on the past and how certain things wouldn’t even have happened when one thing didn’t happen at first. How one thing can indirectly influences another thing, which at same point — can cause something huge to happen.

When a butterfly fluttered its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another — Edward Lorenz

In other words, the Butterfly Effect

By being mindful of each action, we can cause rays of sunshine instead of hurricanes.

I am particularly talking about how we treat others. Not only when face-to-face, but also behind their backs especially. How easy is it to spread rumors about others, without thinking of the consequences. Even though it may not be something harmful at first — you don’t know what kind of influence it can have on that person you are talking about.

Rumors always land its feet on the one who aren’t supposed to hear it, and when that happens — it can cause horrible things to happen.

Exaggerated? Not even one bit. I’m tired of the saying ”Get over it” when people are hurting or are upset of things that are out of that control to happen. That is the most frustated part, I guess. When something isn’t in your control and upsets you. Sometimes it takes one small thing to make you feel defeated. The last kick to make you lose your balance and hit the harden ground. The last drop of water to cause a waterfall.

We should be more mindful of the things we say and the actions we make, because in one way or another — it can cause hurricanes.

I will take myself as an example. I have been a person who hold in everything negatively — emotions & problems. By doing so, I unintentionally have hurted myself. My glass became too full — and when that last drop hit, a hurricane of surpressed emotions came all out at once. It poured down like crazy, as if I never have cried in my life before. It was the butterfly effect of all the things which have happened before in my life that causes such a hurricane in me.

Be very careful of your behaviour — to yourself & others. For it may cause flutters in your heart or thunderstorms in your mind.