Project 365: Day 163 — In other news…

Life has been both hectic and slow these past few days…I have nothing spectacular to report and hence I’m making a list of the things I’ve observed in the past 24 hours or more…

  • Trump is wooing Hindus. “I ❤ Hindu” will probably be the next souvenir type t-shirt up for grabs after I ❤ NY. Worse, back home, Bhakts will manufacture cheap knock-offs by the dozen and it will sell like hot cakes.
  • Twitter, despite its desperate stock-tanking, lack of buyer situation, is still promoting Twitter Flight School — something that was cute in its first year with a course completion certificate and all, but now it’s just trying too hard.
  • Found a widely shared Facebook post written by a woman who’s striving to raise her boy in an equal world. For all those giving lip service about lending a hand, walking the talk is hardly easy. It’s not so much about — “Hey! I help my mom do this when she’s tired.” — as much as it is about the notion of being a true equal coming to you instinctively. More importantly, it’s important we stop looking at women as mere comforters whose life is restricted to the confines of the kitchen and home. As much as we need to raise our men right, it’s just as important to let girls fly. They don’t need to be princesses or fly ponies, they can be badass if they want to. That’s called having a choice, as opposed to being given a choice.
  • Reading stories of oppressed families in Iraq escaping the ISIS there a la ‘Not Without My Daughter’ is deeply chilling. Imagine when dying of thirst is the only time you feel safe. At least you’ll die safe, you think. It’s better than being caught escaping, thrashed, raped or killed — or all of these things.
  • Karma is a wonderful badass bitch that goes back to haunting people.
  • People show up in good ways at the oddest of times. We often underestimate the goodness within and on the outside.
  • We often take our own stomachs for granted.
  • Kindness can take us places. You never know when you can be paid back for it.
  • Instagram Stories is more wow than Snapchat could hope to be currently; purely in terms of functionality, not as a publishing platform.
  • Amelie is a beautiful, gorgeous, tastefully shot film. It’s the Forrest Gump of this decade. Okay just behind FG.

That’s it for tonight. Good Night!

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