Open Aakash.

I feel like vomiting my thoughts and feelings and basically everything right now. Its not that i am sad or stressed but I just seem to enjoy this. Being in the moment just let the ever flowing minds water flow in words in papers ( in this case my screen ) .

note : This might be very random.

So lately, I have been reading alot of stuff by Swami Vivekananda. I heard about him few years ago and got some of his books but i never started them but i don’t know somehow spontaneously the universe made such a feel in my being I wanted to read his work. I really enjoy reading his work. Such deep and meaningful things he has written in that book.

I even saw his documentary on you tube. The guy was born in India about some 130 years ago. Okay I won’t write down everything i saw in the video will just keep the link here.

It made me cry at the end of this. The way this human being lived. It was just so beautiful.

Its amazing how things change. CHANGE. such a powerful thing and the only thing that is so constant and always is.

What is stuck in my mind now is.

How do enjoy everything to the fullest yet be completely detached with it. Its been ringing in my mind since last night. I hope it will persist till the point i will be able to do it. Enjoy yet can totally detached. Love more insanely then Jack in Titanic yet detached. ( I am not even sure that connects ) but YES I want to do that.

Love my kids, My wife, My mom, My Dad, My dog and everyone else in the world so fully yet so totally detached. Be grateful to exist yet not attach to it. I am not even sure what i want to be honest. It so damn paradoxical and YES. I have been meditating and studying all kind of shit for the past 2 years now. Met so many people.

Yet all say more or less the same thing.

Or maybe i just hear the same thing.

what i do hear is.

Be in the world but not of the world or Love with the fullest yet so detached no expectation nothing. Rising in Love not falling. Balancing the yin and yang. Living In the NOW.

I have no idea if all these things are different but to me it rings the same thing. To just grow but effortlessly, yet we have to make effort but effortlessly.

If that makes any sense.

Poems I love them they are the one of most beautiful creatures we can create to express these paradox.

So yeah, I have no idea what i just wrote but i did vomit out lot of shit.

IF you really read this to the End . Listen To this song by Bon Iver.

I love this. Hope you love it too.

I being a poem when i listen to this.

Namaste _/\_ : )

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