39. Don’t underestimate the time required to truly finish something

It amazes me how often I feel like I’m close to finishing something, only for the final 10% to take me hours and hours.

Normally that final 10% is simple work, but time consuming. Making sure that all of the formatting is correct, that it is consistent on every page. It’s surprising how time consuming and tedious it can be.

However it’s also very important if you are trying to create a good impression.

Your content must not only be good, it must also look good.

Hence why I generally try to keep my formatting super simple. It makes it much easier to manage.

Unfortunately sometimes we have to work on a template or format provided to us by somebody else and this is when the “finishing” work can take up a lot of your time.

It’s the same concept with any kind of handicraft or workmanship (or workwomanship). The more time and care taken with the finishing, the more polished the product looks.

Most of us could probably build a basic object out of wood or lego. However only those that take the time and care to really apply the finishing would be able to create something of any real value.

So don’t forget to take into account the time required to really finish something, and if you can try and keep it as simple as possible from the outset.

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