[35 of 100] Who Needs Variety?

Ugh, so many choices!

I hate dressing up for work. It’s like putting on a costume. My “serious” clothes for my “serious” persona. My preferred state of dress is shorts and a t-shirt. If the weather’s cold, put a hoodie on top of that. If it’s really cold, substitute jeans for shorts. Unfortunately, none of my preferred combinations are appropriate for work. My job requires me to wear a collared shirt and slacks, sometimes even a suit and tie (gasp).

I read an article showing off Mark Zuckerberg’s closet, which had multiple copies of the same outfit — jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a hoodie. I envied him for being able to wear the same thing everyday. Having to choose what to wear is a complete waste of brainpower. What difference does it make?

Reading the Zuckerburg article was serendipitous because I had to go shoping for work clothes. Why not go full Zuckerberg and have five of the same outfit? I settled on beige pants with a blue dress shirt and was set to buy five pairs of this outfit when my wife stopped me.

Apparently it would cause a stir if I went to work wearing the same outfit everyday. I explained to her it wouldn’t be the same exact outfit each day. I’d be wearing a different shirt and pants (and likely underwear). She conceded the point, but noted my coworkers might not get it. Plus, they’d probably think I was crazy or otherwise not taking work too seriously. I told her it wouldn’t be so bad if I got fired since I could write full-time. She replied by saying that’s all well and good except writing doesn’t pay me anything, and we needed money to do nice things like eat and have a place to live.

Good point.

Having been bludgeoned into submission by logic, I compromised. I ditched the blue shirts, but kept the pants. I’d wear a different shirt everyday with the same color pants. I still got to save some brainpower by wearing the same style of pants everyday, but I would also get to keep my job. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t such a bad trade off.