35: Brainstorm of blog topics

Even though I enjoy writing this blog, every evening I still feel like blowing it off. But then I force myself to write and am happy I did (thanks Johnson Kee for starting this!).

The potential blog topics keep piling up in my head. Random ones. Here an incomplete list:

  • More on “my thing” - car use: what does habit have to do with climate change? How can the mindfulness movement help? When is the best time to try to change your car dependence?
  • A lot of what I write is what I used to talk to close friends about — before I had kids and when I still had time to meet with friends. Is writing just another way to fulfill the desire for “friendship”?
  • The autumn of my life: why this pull to reflect on my past now that I’m over 40? Just some fancy navel gazing?
  • Yoga & meditation: becoming a teacher

To my very few readers: let me know if a topic strikes your fancy. Knowing would be a good motivator to get me writing! (I know, this was not the most exciting blog.)

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